Wednesday, January 01, 1997

A project by Luca Miti
Roma and other locations in Italy, and possibly Wroclaw, Poland
Various dates and times, 1997

*Composition for small Japanese car, bell, road and driver.*

The bell is placed inside the car. When the car moves, the road “plays” the bell or the bell “performs” the road (the score). It is a private music, a travel music. Usually not more than five persons can listen to it (the maximum possible in my car). The place of the performance, my car, is a private place. People outside don’t know that I’m performing the piece, and, if they know, they can’t listen to the music - they just see the “auditorium” (the car) going by. But they can see the score (the road). It’s very dilutate - one sound every two hours, in some situations - e.g. travels on good roads.

(*correction: “...small Italian car, and Japanese bell...”)